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Carl J. Yanchar



Carl J. Yanchar, President of Yanchar Design & Consulting Group, directs all activities within the firm involving the acoustic and electronic systems design of audio, motion picture and television studios. His experience as a recording engineer, equipment designer and studio owner gives him a special insight as a consultant in all aspects of studio design.


After graduating from the University of Southern California, he joined Kendun Recorders as chief engineer. In 1972, a sister company, Sierra Audio was formed to represent Tom Hidley Design in North and South America, Asia and Australia. Carl became Vice-President of Planning and Development for both companies.

During the period of 1972-1980, Carl was Project Director for the design and construction of facilities such as Fantasy Records, Vidtronics, Sounds Interchange, Cinema Audio, Pierce Arrow Studios, Kuangchi Program Services, Paradise Studios, Wing Hang Records, Thunder Road, Pecan Street Studios, Artisan Sound Recorders, Warehouse Recording, Smooth Rock Studios, Soundmixers and Kendun Recorders Studio D.

At Yanchar Design & Consulting Group, Carl is responsible for the design of new and existing facilities, and handles all client consultations to determine design parameters. He brings with him a broad practical, as well as theoretical background. His hands-on experience with production and system configuration ensures a design that is flexible and adaptable.



Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
University of Southern California



Certification in Time Delay Spectrometry
California Research Institute
California State Contractor's License
California State Interior Design License



Acoustical Society of America

American Institute of Architects, Professional Affiliate
Audio Engineering Society
American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers
Eta Kappa Nu
International Conference of Building Officials
Institute of Noise Control Engineers
Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers



Cesar S. Vergara


Cesar Vergara, Designer at Yanchar Design & Consulting Group, has been on staff since 1995. With a professional degree in architecture, Cesar's role spans all phases of a project's development, from conceptual design to final construction documents.

Cesar is also involved with Yanchar Design & Consulting Group's custom product services, providing him with a technical understanding of the interface needs of studio design.


Bachelor of Architecture
Woodbury University 1996



Exhibited at the 1995 AIA Architectural Convention

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