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At Yanchar Design & Consulting Group, we realize that even the best design could be easily compromised by faulty execution, and that every detail counts.


Thorough planning and design are important to every project, but even more so to a facility in which proper acoustics and the integration of technical equipment are involved. Our experience has proven that the optimal design is multi-faceted.  By integrating architectural, acoustical, interior, electrical, mechanical and systems concepts, the specific needs of the client’s project are targeted in every detail.


Our design services range in scope from consultation to the delivery of complete, detailed, working drawings. On many projects, we have worked in conjunction with local design, engineering and construction firms, supplementing their services with the benefits of our specialized experience.

We always suggest that we become involved at the earliest possible stage of the project. By arranging and coordinating the total requirements of the project in advance, unnecessary or duplicate work can be avoided and no detail will be overlooked - always resulting in a savings in time, money and aggravation.





In order to gain the maximum performance benefits in any technical facility, the electronic equipment should be designed and installed as part of a complete, interconnected system.  It should include not only the equipment itself but also its architectural, electrical and climatic environment.


Yanchar Design & Consulting Group can provide consultation for the selection of all electronic equipment as well as complete systems integration documentation. To execute the electronic systems design, we can provide labor and materials for the complete installation and testing of all equipment.





The construction of an entertainment production facility utilizes special techniques and requires meticulous attention to detail to realize the full potential of its design. Yanchar Design & Consulting Group can provide construction project management, construction supervision or complete construction services in conjunction with experienced contractors to ensure that every detail of the design is efficiently and properly implemented.

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